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The mountains sit to one side and the ocean to the other.  The contrast between the two is stark, the lush green foliage of eucalyptus trees, native cabbage trees, turpentines, the bright red of the Illawarra Flame tree and the huge figs all compete with each other on the mountain range. Looking at the range you see a scar that falls down the mountainside where some time ago in the not so distant past a rock fall occurred taking with it the trees that couldn’t survive the stampede of rocks. Walking up into rainforest you can smell the eucalypts, the turpentine and a wealth of other aromas all associated with nature and her beauty.

ImageThe best part of where I live is the ocean, it features strongly in my life from childhood to the age I am today.  There is no place like it


In the summer it is a popular place for locals and tourists who come from faraway places to enjoy the sun and the sand. They park their cars in no parking places, on footpaths or long distances away to satisfy a need to experience the beach.

The blue azure of the water on a calm sunny, summer day and the white heat of the sand is something that is part of me. The smell of the salt, the seaweed, the suntan lotion all make up my idea of summer. In the late afternoons after a really hot day, we wait for the southerly buster to come through and cool us all down. When that happens beach umbrellas go flying, sand is tossed into little children’s eyes and people scurry off the beach to find sanctuary in their cars.


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